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going to do a different presentation

went through all my work and couldn't come up with a way of showing My WORK

grew up in a small town

highs school had 31 kids

ridiculous but I loved it

you don't get to pick your friends - you have to be friends with everyone

went to australia - 6 yrs old

12 yrs old went to australia again

got interested in art

lived on the beach in Sydney

art was big part of everything

huge interested in all these medias and art

all my friends didn't understand it

no art class in my high school

no outlet

was going to take sociology - but ended up taking art in naskat

no constructive - just making art

in the instititution it was all about the ideas

so I decided to do a bit of everything

so theres no body.. 4 1/2 years of random work

got out in the world and went to a camp programme where I just did Military courses

govt sponsered

translate military work into gymn classes


teaching grade 5 and 6 kids military physical education techniques

translate one thing into another format

fun but in retrospect a night mare

assistant director in an art gallery

got an idea of an art community

got into culture and politics of graffitti

mural production teams - collected brilliant graffitti artists and got them doing murals

good rep in the town

got tired of it.. happy - but wanted to move on..

decided to travel a bit

got a job as gold and silver smith

went to calgary and did some random jobs

client representative for an oil and gas company

oil and gas pipeline rep

worked in a liquor store

meet depressing people - a local came in without money covered in blood - started throwing wine bottles - left

surf shop in calgary !? bit of an ironic job

decided to leave calgary - street violence

came to the lake - environmental .. programme

worked as a garbage man

moved to banff - stayed in hostals - got a job in a snowboard shop

so - here I am - looking for a way to bridge my life into an art practice

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