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Almost Perfect Wiki

This is an archive of the documentation wiki for the 2006 Almost Perfect residency at the BNMI, Banff Centre, Canada. It is closed for editing.

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect is a co-production Lab taking place at the Banff New Media Institute in Canada.

Almost Perfect is a rapid prototyping lab that explores the creation of pervasive mobile media in the Banff region. With the dedicated support of peer advisors, technicians, and production facilities, participants can develop basic to advanced level prototypes in the areas of locative media, site specific work, telematics, audio art, and responsive environments. This residency will also explore the political and social economic contexts of locative media and the wireless spectrum. Almost Perfect is a joint venture between BNMI and HP Bristol. Prototype development will be realized through the use of GPS enabled HP iPAQs and software developed by HP Research Labs Bristol.


This wiki is a space for collaboration and documenting the lab.

Wiki Help


To get to the downloads you need to be on the wired network. The username and password are on the board in the lecture room (HP Labs room)


Reminder: The most current schedule is on the wiki. Please check here if you are unsure about a program event!


Thursday November 30

Directly after Lily's presentation, Patric and I will be holding a short question and answer session on the Website development and community authoring aspect of Mediascapes. We will also be talking about the next stage, so what you will need in order to be able to carry on Mediascapes in your art practices. This will include what hardware and software you will require as well as where you can get help, and starting to develop a Mediascape community.

We hope that you will all be able to join us for this session, as your feedback is highly valued.


Elley and Patric :-)

Wednesday November 29

Please sign up for an exit interview with the peer advisors, HP, Susan Kennard and Lindsay MacDonald

Monday November 20

Please sign up for a studio visit with Simon Pope this afternoon. He will be bringing Todd, Ben and Elley with him and you will have a chance to discuss your progress and let us know if you will be needing any additional support.


> > > Hi everyone,

Don't feel misinterpreted if you don't get any answers. this list should become the referencial one, until some changes. Then Andrea (your messages didn't find its way to everybody.

>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Julian Priest" <> ••••

Rendez-vous tonight at 8PM in front of the Lloyd Building.

> ••• >

Listening Room.
7 to 9 PM  @ room 124
There will be a very good sound system.
if you have something (sound) you would like to check just bring it.
Also we have a few propositions to trigger your ears.

+++ > > Chantal

Thursday Nov 16th 4.30 pm

Please come and take part in the performance of Cluster at Glyde Hall Colab Space Studio 13

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