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I'm hoping there are some breaks for sleep so far!

give me a chance to look at my practice with GPS

back to some work I did in 2003

our access to GPS tech is quite new

that happened in 2000

president clinton opened up the system to civilians - at higher resolution

we could begin to develop things

a flurry of activities with respect to the GPS

geo caching

worldwide treasure hunt

more complex and interesting projects looking at toxicity levels in cities etc..

our engagement is a beginning with this

I'm interested in tracking the body through space

the receiever could shadow the body

normally is invisible to us

I came to it through narrative and video making

informed by points of view

don't have a record of many of the pieces - these are simulations

from where you stand 2003

I have no cartesian sense of direction

I used the gps to map my own sense of direction - over the cartesian direction

walk to the:

I mapped the direction I went in , and saw how it mapped onto the cartesian space

there is no corelation! not even a reverse

second series was about TaiChi

connect the place where I was with my movement

carried and intervalomenter and a GPS

this developed a

what does it mean to be seen through this onmipresent eye of GPS

Smell Maps

Gpsed the smells that I experienced Halifax Nova Scotia

then I linked the smells to the map and the then removed the map

Platonic overlays

perfect and imperfect

tried to make the most perfect shapes by walking - while being traced by the GPS unit

I was using the GPS as a way of augmenting my life - in the way that I use the camera

what does it mean that we are being viewed by this over view

being viewed but not being able to see

feeling of surveillance

being traced or tracked

satellites are in a fixed orbit

theoretically we are being mapped wherever we go. - in practice it doesn't work like that

separated me from my body as well as enhanced it

GPS drawings

a sense of proximity and closeness while there was a sense of separation

I went on and did some pieced using GPS in various forms

history is composed of itineraries of people moving through space and passing by

locative media can make those tracks visible over time

punctureing space

Roland Bharte

some images don't do anything - but somethings puncture you - rip you apart

how does that relate to Space?

sometimes its just A -> B

sometimes you are punctured

how does locative media puncture or space.

we are overlayed with signals

radio cell phones

these signals exist while we exist in space even though we don't see them

Speaking Here 2004

great people

ryan johnson

video sound, c++ flash, laptops

very clunky awkward walking round with a laptop


nation withing nation

done here in banff

overwhelmed by the mountains

engaged fellow residents through the small window in the studio

framed window - and described what they saw in their own language

then I combined their language + video of the panorama

and combined that with their description

then I mapped the deck with areas based on their languages

wabanaki-korean hebrew-vietnamese japanese-english korean-urdu

language is related to the place where you live

not just accent but the phrases that you use

Wallace Stevens - we live in the descriptions of places rather than the places themselves

language is our very limited attempt to describe and understand these big questions we have -

it's good project to see because it shows where the tech comes from

Shadows from another place

based on Susan Sontags idea of the difficulites we have with troubles with the world ??

baghdad invasion documentation

war villages

stymied by the distance and the proximity between san francisco and baghdad

narrative is all we have

to translate what we have into some understandable form

used GIS systems

layered map systems

used the idea for this piece

overlaid Baghdad on San Francisco

overlaid the bomb sites from baghdad on SF

then went to the locations and documented

then geo cached names of dead soldiers in the location

Day by Day, Death by Death' ??

read like a script of a bad charlie chapling movie

baghdad is bigger than sf

my mapping frieds were outraged that I ripped a city out of its co-ordinates to do that

got the bomb data from guardian uk

' Flight 93'

Mapping cultural

Image of the crash of Flight 93 Shanksville Pensylvania

one of the 3 sept 11th crashes

we proposed a commerative that took this site. It was a toxic waste site for restoration

reclamation ponds - which became clearer

I did a GPS narrative network

monuments flatten out history and move them into an ideological representation

we wanted to add a network of living history into it


add url

california was home to many tribal groups

restoration of an area

created an overlay of the city documenting the regeneration and the areas pre history

the sound of the past existing in this urbanised space

worked with the environmental historian

who knew the detail of the natural environment - and its seasonal make up

also worked with a geologist

Scape the hood

Shadows from another place

this I want to do here

a barrier wall is going up in Aub Dis in Israel

wall is going up across the urban fabric

want to do a superimposition of the wall on another place

Punctured Space?

at ISEA I did Qalqiliya on San Jose

shadowing one place on another

collapse the spaces

experience foreign events and spaces as not so foreign

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