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Mike's Artist Talk

Manager of interactive media here at banff

been here 5 years

bunch of beer cans

after andy wahols soup cans

as much as it is about consumer objects also about home

so I chose beer cans - comfort for people around here

people attach their identities to the can

picked them for there design

pilsner - the official beer of the sascatchewen riders

history of planes trains and automobiles

the rest of my work is process orientated - abrstract

refereced by automatic random and generative processes

prints - silk screens?

analysing photos for colour areas and taking all the information out so they are not recogniseable

elk fear - I'm afraid of elk

I've never been hit by an elk - but come close

the work is up to me chosing colours and is repetitive

so I wanted to automate that

motiion tracking - showing changes as a gradient

using this to generate automatically generate compositions

uses a live feed - processed for motion changes - then uses that for brush strokes

you can get all kinds of effects

people liked to experiment with it karate kicks

Q do people say it looks like screen savers?

I would try and elevate the screen saver - there is probably alot of art in screensavers

also Game Mod Art

modification of unreal tournament - changing it from a first person shooter into a toy collecting game

took out all of the violence except the gun holding stance..

audio and music done by .. and ..

texture - bridget riley rip off

for a game mod - bringing generative stuff into a game mod environment

based on simulator sickness

in early vr people used to get sick

I wanted to make a video game that referenced that

Q you wanted to make a game that would induce vomitting?

3d rothco environments


also working on coding for ghost garden - dark fairy tale / murder mystery

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