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November 20th

09.00 - 10.00 GIVE PROJECT UPDATES AND POSE questions. WIKI page for each project - JPL 313 010:15 – 11:15 Artist Talks - JPL 313 ArtistPresentations - Simon Pope, Elly Jones, Ben Clayton, Pamela Wilson (see below for notes from presentations)

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch - Dining Room

13.00 - 15.00 HP Lab Session - JPL 313

HP Lab Session 13:00 am to 15:00 am JPL 313

In this session Ben will demonstrate how to use the inbuilt features such as Logging, debug, status indicators. He will also show how you might create a "Wait for a fix" prolog.

Elley Jones, Software Intern, Mobile Media Solution Laboratory, HP Labs Bristol Ben Clayton, Context-Sensitive Applications Researcher, Mobile Media Solution Laboratory, HP Labs Bristol

Monday (nov. 20th) TO BE RECONFIRM > ListeningRoom > 7:30 to 9 PM @ room 124 > > There will be a very good sound system. > if you have something (sound) you would like to check just bring it. > Also we have a few propositions to trigger your ears.



• reader at Cardiff school of design

• supervision hours spent with post grad. students or supervising students on a design for interactive media

• practice started over 10 years in software development and moved toward visual arts particularly in locative media

• projects:

- charade

o invited two artists to make work

o chose the object and become part of work by memorizing the work

o invited people to workshop and look at how people take knowledge into body

o people gathered in april in victorial square to walk about in city centre reciting things they heard from network

o comes from film far 451 (the temperature at which paper burns)

• working with artists and community forming task collectively • new way of working personally

• people came together like a flash mob and turned up in public space each manifesting text or gesturing the segment they memorized.

- walking here and there with Vaughan Bell, researcher

o looks at interaction among walking, memory, space and place

o science art collaboration

• began as a project here at Banff – trying to research walking as an art practice

• stacked furniture in attempt to remember walk taken previously in italy

• started to discuss idea with a psychologist

• realized the relationship between walking and memory

• knew if enough time spent walking and remembering, the previous walk could be recalled

• talks about conditions of severe and unique memory loss caused from war injuries

• delusions of space – paramecia?

• the idea related to space in relation to locative media

• creates individual models of space

• Susan: questioning space and spatial authencity.

• Simon: shape of locative media

- miran kwan – writer on space

o saying that when you think of place you differentiate one location from another.

o create an economy of place marking e.g. tourist markings

- interested in connection between places and their relationship to other places

o creating an experiment with Vaughn relating to space and memory

• walking people in a park and then walking them in a straight hospital corridor

• publish it as psychology data

- exhibition – people coming to a gallery walking in the gallery space while they remember a walk through another gallery space – solo exhibition in Cardiff

o gallery space recall

o creating great discussion around creating an empty gallery space

o new institution critique - revived discussion about space

- place is meaningful location

- michel de certeau – place and space getting to the point

- mixed reality labs in knottingham, mark tuters, …got a huge academic research project together. drew hemmet and jen summers

• overview - focus on walking as a contemporary art practice

-working with sociologist to talk about walking as an art practice

• susan: link between simon and paula’s work relating to space – Paula’s work of overlaying information in place.

• simon: how people who have knowledge and understanding of information can participate in broadcast.

• Stephen: curious about the hallway and park walk. taking the winding walk and straighten it out. these points of crushing …like the analogies. straighting something out from memory.

• Ellie: raises Kurtis’ work

Elly Jones

• currently in a master's of engineering program

• got into engineering in grade school

• plays a variety of instruments including French horn

• described several engineering projects:

- a belt, called el-arm, that senses when people fall over and sends out a radio signal to get help

- was on discovery channel – received help to take idea into the real world

• got into working with hp – through jo reid

• used to do a marathon

• make airplanes (project in university)

Pam Wilson

administrative line producer

- work in textile

- shown in Toronto.

- came from Toronto to Banff

- latest show work in thesis – cautionary tale. mfa in western university in painting and textiles

o sky fowler

o chistine davis

o todd ________

- located within narrative of gender politics

- questions of identity

- work in embroidery

- bodies bear heads of animals

- work based in theory as well as practice

Ben Clayton

• computer science masters at Bristol university

• game called depth charge

• used motion pod

- seat and joy sticks and three screens

- on 6 hydraulic legs

o can mkove up/down/left and right/ twist

- worked on graphics

- game – duye to global warming, Bristol was underwater and Bristol had to be saved

- walked around Bristol with a camera

- created 3-d models of city

- sunk it underwater

- wanted to explore motion in game

o knew people who were marketing game were not gamer players

o created an introductory sequence

- for thesis created a project called elastic audio

o is a musician

o wanted to remix and change the tune in mixing

o developed application

• feed in audio

• uses pitch detection algorthyms

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