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• background – painter visual artist and complete tech-luddite • studied in Montreal • works with irony – digital billboards – campaigning on behalf of irony • move the ny to do graduate studies - did masters in media studies in new school • like the tactile and workd in both digital and handmade • completed old jewish lady trilogy: videos called - two ladies, glove story, Dorchester street Worked with the • worked with the National film board for one of the productions. (glove story) • the NFB project was a digitally animated documentary that was recorded on video and used rotoscoping collage and archival footage. • has an ongoing series of 1 minute portraits of interesting people - drawings of quirky characters • day job – cartoonist for a number of papers and does policial cartoons that run across the country

• where I’d like to go: - everything I do is separate clients and myself. - I want to do web based work that is connected more to my artistic practice - excited about coming here as opportunity to change direction - feel very young as artist and am just finding my way in that area. - lately working on more urban issues moving from solipsism to social action - was researching the condos in Toronto and the impact of new condos on local environment and economy

• project here: the suburban relocation project: - creating a project that is based on research but is a bit of a hoax - inspired by The Institute (artist?) - will create a fake company : deburb – relocation services - that will focus on helping people move from the urban to the suburban environments and 'downsize' their lives. - idea to help people think about their choices to change the scale of living

Website -

• – blog project • www helps to accessing information about Toronto • interested in – being able to find information that relates to a very narrow space

(shows video) • two ladies – video rotoscoped

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