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Lindsay MacDonalds Talk Notes

bad luck googled bad luck and got interested in it hyperbole literary devices in video work hyperboled first mobile phones took a phone around places and nailed it to different places

memento mori vanitas painting in video


pigeon holeing myself as an art star

couldn't expect to make any good work til I was 30 what shall i do til I'm 30? so I hid in a box

talking to the camera with a silver spoon in my mouth

milk allergy so drank milk and eating cookies I think I'm going to die?

general reaction was

why would you want to do that to yourself?

so I stopped

began having fantasies about being narcoleptic

so I fell asleep in lots of places

dead body with ten swords tarot card

now developing a performance based on a rumour

I will start a rumour that there is a wise person sitting on the top of the mountain

literary devices in video


when you spend enough time with someone you don't need to speak

went from

ambiguity ambivalent

video palindrome - passing paper hearts back and forth

series of 13 clip boards

each one is labbeled with a different disease or afflication

think of something and put it on the clip board

big shoe box of photos

shoes from all over north america kitsh tourist traps

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