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( showing bio through placemarks on google earth) • born in Bancock – mother Tai father’s English • when she was two, she moved back to Lester, England • caught polio • moved to St Albans • did a degree in computer science • first job in Xerox • interested in artificial intelligence programming • three themes in professional life: 1. working in team composed of diverse range of skills, 2. focusing on making things aimed at user experience 3. working for large American companies (Xerox, HP) • the first step into research – prototyped an environment called Key • spent a year in Dallas and learned to fly • went to Eton Wick then moved to HP labs Bristol • at HP, developed a protocal called JetSet that allowed devices to talk to each other • went to Open University in Milton Keyes for an MBA • returned to HP and started current mobile program that has opened up in to the mediascape development • as corporate researcher you dream that the corporation wil take your research and apply it into project but tht rarely happens • started company called Dynamics Deigns Studio with my partner that builds three wheel motarcycles

Question: Paula: can you address the relationship between your research and your involvement in a corporate structure? Jo: I'M inspired by the applications of tech for other uses and see the value of repurposing technology through the way people use it for other and more playful outputs. thinking of the merging between worktools and entertainment.

Julian: interesting in what you are saying about user experience falling outside the realm of corporated id. it's a funny relationship between outsourcing of back door processing funnelled back into the company. Jo: community based work comes back into the company and impacts development.

Julian: Bruce Sterling talked about products, instead of having them fully designed, you give a bunch of potentiality out there and then let people shape the technology Jo: I think that mechanism of testing and feedback loops is something that is now more established.

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