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• was a graphic design major and finished in 2000 • worked for awhile and decided to go back to school • is now a teacher of art in Quebec and an artist

(shows slides of work:)

• (windows: painting 2005) • how I work is in a narrative way - I tell stories • personal work beginning about 4 years ago. • I just started to be more social active in my work • The way I teach and do my art is the same – I hope when people react to what they see, they learn something.

• (ciel de neige: installation) • choses material that works with the idea • interested in time and transformation • I like little worlds like looking into a snow globe that you shake

• (Atlantis; installation) • (you take za road – video,, 2005) - last year did a lot of video - this piece is about absence • (dualite,2006) - this will be showing in a film festival tomorrow night - I have a lot of questions about living in a duality - language and culture

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