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• works for a tv network - APTN – Aboriginal Peoples Television Netowrk which is a North American broadcasting network like the CBC • has programme called “Bro’town” that is broadcast exclusively through the APTN network • not for all audiences • airs 10pm on wed. • how does bro’town figure into the geographical software? • thinking: create a golf game in urban areas that people can hit a ball off of the empire state building and hit it into time square. • focuses on what really interested the young people. we are losing ground to video games. We are also seeing the youth want to interact with other people and that speaks to new dimensional capability of software. • because of the software, you are not limited anymore to where you live or your social standing.

Question: Susan: who is APTN audience? A: our audience is basically everyone. We have French language and Aboriginal programming and 50% is English. S: So this is geared to a youth market. Is there a larger mobile strategy at APTN or is that one of the things you are here to develop?

A: Yes we are always interested in developing other networks. We have partnerships. We don't want to rely of content from other networks but want to create our own. You will have to visit the website:

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