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haven't dabbled in art much

breach between theory and practice

targeted high schools

initiate clothing supplie actions in high schools

fashion design

wearable technology

digitalcommons network

looking at ways of doing research

difference between practitioners in the field and research

evaluation mobility useability (EMU)

collecting data on the field on locative media

recently launched an online journal

the journal of the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN)

how are people taking up these technologies?

it's not the people who initiated the movement

trying to find a discursive impulse

my prupose here is to advocating democratic research

not looking at research as something that one person is doing

research blog as a journal

encourage feed back in terms of research protocols

interested these ways of working

How are these technologies not associated with the initial movement?

After seeing Jo and Ellys presentation I would like to integrate some practical work as well

Dr Barbara Crow + .. will come next week to talk anout MDCN

if you want to see some relevant work in the area or references I can guide you to some things

using a wiki as a collaborative tool for research

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