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Working on paintings atm and here

Art practice

digital media

very corporately orientated

outside art practice

taking something very commercial like oil or industry and finding a way to explore it

interactive documentary

my research looks at physical environment and social knowledge and space and place

Ghosts of Industry


Alberta Oil Sands

birth place of the oil sands industry

oil bores me

but the place is remarkable

site was abandoned overnight

the walls and floor have buckled

dalis industrial nightmare

worked with wayne dunckley

passing through space and time

information is in these artefacts that are embeded in the site

newspaper articles

old and new

you can get aquainted with the site

the guy who started it was an amateur film maker

lots of old footahe of the place

oil seeping out of the ground

shows old technologies that were there

themes get more abstract and humanised


designed for junior high and high school students

50 boxes of information in the archive

the bricks were the only evidence of what we could find out about what it was like to be there

no primary interviews

had access to researchers

diztorted floors

bios of the people that were there

the town was 15 people - just enough to run the facility

the facility was a test bed - proof of concept for oil sand industry - when the test finished the facility closed

Other Projects

digital development

levels of surveillance in the internet and digital media

trying to make invisible the role of the audience

warner was a guy who is being watched by his company and his step mother

a hacker is publishing this data

exposes espionage and draws the audience in

interactive film board

war hospital in kenya that services the sudanese civil war

companion to a film of the same name

creating empathies and feeding the stories out so people could experience them one on one

personal audio missives

adding context of africa - sudan - war

rupture the sense of the other - drawing the audience in to the fact that personal relationships are severed

personal engagement

want to work on this here a bit.

looking on development issues and

line up at starbucks - you get an sms - a doctor in rwanda messages you with news of a still born delivery - no judgement on your life but shows the huge gap between your experiences..

everyones experience is valid but turing peoples day to day lives on there heads

+ micro donations etc..

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